Welcome to Have Faith, Colorado, a newsletter from reporters Liam Adams and Carina Julig documenting religion news in the Centennial State.

Religion is a major driving force behind many of the things that fill our daily news feeds and it reaches across nearly every aspect of life, including politics, culture, education, healthcare and crime. Colorado has a rich and varied religious landscape, from serving as an epicenter of the evangelical Christian right to springboarding the introduction of Buddhism to the west. But as local news organizations across the country shrink, it’s become less likely for publications to dedicate a full-time beat reporter to the subject, and the topic can get left by the wayside.

As reporters who are deeply passionate about both the value of local news and religion reporting, we want to spotlight the religion news that gets reported in Colorado’s local papers so that it reaches a wider audience. Each week, this newsletter features a curated roundup of the week’s local religion articles and may also include original analysis about religious issues affecting the state and links to nationally reported religion articles with a Colorado angle.